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Christopher Walker

Company owner and lead instructor at Overlanding BC. Decades of experience as an educator in a variety of fields globally.

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Paul Cooper

Lead instructor at Overlanding BC with many years of multi national experience in the automotive industry.

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Richard Warrington

Professional driving instructor & facilitator for the automotive industry in a large variety of fields.

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Joanne Younker

Professional driving instructor & facilitator for the automotive industry in a large variety of fields.

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Ray Hyland

Professional expedition driver, consultant, media writer and instructor with experience across the globe.

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Ken Gallant

Decades as a professional driver, SAR volunteer and SAR instructor for a multitude of disciplines summer & winter.

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Penny Dale

Rebelle Rally 2018 competitor. Lifelong adventurer and avid 4x4 / off road travel enthusiast. Leading our ladies only classes.

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Christopher Walker

Chris has grown up in an outdoor environment both professionally and as a past time. His career in the outdoors as a professional instructor came originally from an BSc Sports Science honors degree from the University Of Liverpool, specializing in adventure education.

This degree at a young age started a career teaching in many outdoor fields at a national level worldwide that has spanned the last 25 years.

Chris' passion is one of education and adventure in an outdoor environment which has been realized by many expeditions, trips, adventures and teaching throughout the world through a varied career.


  1. River guide training.

  2. Snowmobile operation.

  3. ATV / UTV operation.

  4. Snowcat operations.

  5. On road driving.

  6. Off road driving.

  7. Overland skills.

  8. Vehicle / driver events.

  9. Product expertise.


  1. Over 25 years as a professional instructor.

  2. Over 500 different descents of different waterways around the world.

  3. Professional ocean coxswain for nearly 20 years.

  4. Professional winch snow cat operator for over 10 years.

  5. First responder and certified first aider for over 20 years. (Currently OFA3 and Wilderness First Responder.)

  6. Professional certified driving instructor.

  7. Global adventure experience.

  8. Still & film industry, Government agency & consultancy experience.

Paul Cooper

Paul started his professional driving career back in the 1990's in amateur motor sport and started his professional driving instructor career back in the early 2000's. 

Paul has a keen eye for continuing his experiential learning with ongoing driving projects and adventures. His enthusiasm and professionalism is second to none and is a highly experienced instructor who draws upon a couple of decades of experience. This experience enables Paul to be a highly effective educator giving his clients the best possible opportunity to learn.

Paul continues to diversify his experience and is now a certified professional drown operator to.


  1. On road driving.

  2. Off road driving skills.

  3. Vehicle recovery skills.

  4. Overland skills.

  5. Vehicle / driver events.

  6. Product expertise.


  1. Professional driving instructor for over 20 years.

  2. Still & film industry, Government agency & consultancy experience.

  3. Vehicle product specialist, multi brand.

  4. Manager & liaison to BC Ministry of Forests and the BC Four Wheel Drive Association for Whipsaw Trail.

  5. Over 20 years in Professional video production.

  6. Certified professional drone operator.

Richard Warrington

Richard has worked in the automative industry for over a decade where he is a lead presenter and facilitator. He spends time providing technical training to the workforce and public in a variety of fields.

Richard coaches at various advanced driving schools - teaching collision avoidance, safety, and winter driving skills - from racetracks, gravel roads, construction sites, and sometimes beautiful parking lots.

Richard also has his Class 1 Licence and has been training several Fire Departments in BC in the safe use of their apparatus (fire trucks). He currently works with the Western Forestry Contractors Association (WFCA) and the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) to reach new levels of safety and competence for workers operating automotive equipment in the field.

Joanne Younker


Joanne's passion for driving developed early growing up and learning to drive from a rally champion father.  In her twenties she started karting and for the past 6 years has applied her skills to her motorcycle on the track. Joanne has been teaching in the automotive industry for over a decade in many areas including advanced driving and for the Forestry Resource Road Light Truck Driver course and and ATV training. 

Joanne's 38 years of teaching skiing at and elite and national level have helped her develop excellent coaching skills that she applies to her on and off road driving coaching. Her passion these days are here rally driver education, advanced driver education, her track bike and her skiing.

Ray Hyland

Ray’s professional driving career started in the late 80’s and ever since his experience has grown and grown. His automotive career has been as about as varied as it could get with continuing experience as an automotive journalist, owning his own series of Overland Rallies, global expeditions, leading expeditions globally, leading a series of rescue vehicles post Thailand tsunami, consultancy, guiding, training and has an impressive list of firsts under his belts in the automotive global expedition label.

Ray is a the Chapter Chair for The Explorers Club Canada, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. His breadth and wealth of knowledge in the off road industry is more than impressive,

Ken Gallant

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Penny Dale

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