Bringing the correct equipment and supplies with you to your training session, trail drive or overland adventure trip is important. We at Overlanding BC want you to be prepared so that you may get the most rewards out of your time with us. However, we would rather you not necessarily go out of your way to go and buy equipment for your time with us without consulting with us first - we probably have stuff for you to look at and try, so that you may make better informed decisions on what to buy in the future.

Please contact us to discuss this topic if you are not sure.

Some things are fairly obviously mandatory and without them, we may well not be able to provide you your chosen program.

Off Road Driving 491x 491.jpg

Off Road Driving / Recovery Training

  1. Your own vehicle 4 wheel drive vehicle.

  2. Personal vehicle insurance.

  3. Any personal recovery equipment that you have.

  4. Appropriate seasonal clothing.

  5. Plenty of water.

  6. any necessary food / lunch.

  7. Backcountry toilet supplies.

  8. Personal medications if needed.

  9. Sunscreen.

  10. Sunglasses.

  11. Hat.

Trail Drives 491x 491.jpg

Trail Drives

Please bring the same as any of our off road driving / recovery courses, but bring the following if possible:

  1. Emergency supplies.

  2. First aid kit.

  3. Bush clearing gear.

  4. Navigation equipment.

  5. Communication equipment.

Overland Adventure 491x 491.jpg

Overland Adventure Trips

These are extended play journeys that require some planning in advance and a reasonable level of equipment. On our Overland Adventure Trips we will be in the wilderness so you need to be prepared. We will be able to share some equipment, but it will be helpful for you to bring.

Upon sign up you will receive a detailed itinerary and equipment list.

  1. Personal camping equipment.

  2. Personal clothing & supplies.

  3. Personal cooking equipment & supplies.

  4. A means of keeping food cool & healthy.

  5. Refreshments.

  6. Navigation equipment.

  7. Communication equipment.

  8. Spare fuel.

  9. Spare parts.

Trail Mechanics (1) 491 x 491.png

Trail Mechanics

These courses are held in a fully operational commercial automotive shop and thus we need to be prepared to

  1. Closed toe’d shoes.

  2. Fully covered legs be it a long skirt or pants.

  3. Personal protective eyewear if you have them, they will be supplied if not.

  4. Work gloves, if you have them, they will be supplied if not.

  5. Refreshments.

  6. Lunch if you are with us for the full day.