Mission Statement

The mission of Overlanding BC's training programs is to train its students to become critical, thoughtful, productive, safe and experienced individuals that are prepared to operate safely in their chosen environment.

Training Goals

We seek to:

  1. Instill in our students understanding of their complete environment and its implications / challenges.

  2. Promote a safe approach to all tasks and situations.

  3. Foster student growth and development.

  4. Prepare students to operate in all environments with the best ability and pre-training.

General outcomes:

  1. Student experience & knowledge led programs.

  2. Adapted to suite your needs and the desired personal goals.

  3. Safe, fun and challenging.

  4. Progressive, always leading you to your next goal and preparing you for that.

Training Philosophy

To best address our mission, the program’s training philosophy has some key components:

First, we seek to make all of our students’ activities meaningful – whether as a form of personal or professional development. For example, all of the milestones for student progress are designed to be “value-added” to their development (e.g., basic navigational skills and so forth).

Second, our training is geared directly toward the skills and capacities our students will need to operate safely and efficiently in their applied domains. For example, training tasks could include individual safety, group control, personal skills, intermediate and advanced skills, recovery / rescue, etc.

Third, our overarching goal is to train students in the art of translating our knowledge into action – through teaching, training of external groups, field experience, expeditions, consulting, and so forth.

To these ends, we seek to ensure that students gain understanding of their chosen program and to provide continuing programs to aid further development. Our instructors are actively involved in their field of interest and expertise both socially and professionally.

Our students receive numerous opportunities in and outside of their programs to practice those activities that best prepare them for their final learning goals. We also offer numerous opportunities for students to learn from other students through combined programs with other individuals if desired.. All of these activities contribute to our students’ growth personally and as upcoming experts in their chosen program.


Safety at Overlanding BC is our utmost priority and critical to very program. During our programs we do not just focus on skills but the whole umbrella of safety that starts at the planning stage of your program. Throughout your program you will find that everything we do is centered around safety pre-planning, safe and effect methodology and practices.

This safety is one that we want to impart on to you so that you leave feeling empowered to operate in a safe and efficient way in all environments.

In addition all of our instructors are first aid certified and have spent thousands of hours over their life time operating in the back country, practicing their skills. In addition to this all programs will supply the necessary group safety equipment such as navigational aids, communication aids, recovery / rescue gears, first aid supplies etc.