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Do you or your company need official training and certification?

Overlanding BC is leading the training industry by offering qualifications in a variety of fields.  Our training courses are aimed at a variety of users, not limited to:

  • Professional users.

  • Industrial users.

  • Law enforcement.

  • Search & Rescue.

  • Logging / resource extraction companies.

  • Recreational users.

Do you want to be trained or train your employees to be safer, smoother, more efficient, have a greater skill set, reduce damage to your equipment and vehicles? Then these courses are for you.

Image courtesy of  www.liveworkwander.com

Image courtesy of www.liveworkwander.com

What We Offer

We offer qualifications from two organizations; the BC Forest Safety Council and the City & Guilds.

Both offer unique opportunities to a variety of user groups. Both of which include commercial qualifications and qualifications suitable for recreational users.

Our driving courses are aimed to cover all aspects of off road driving in a commercial and non commercial environment. Each course has unique modules allowing you to choose which course is best suited to your needs.


We are the ONLY certified company able to offer the City & Guilds training & assessments in Canada.

We have staff that are instrumental in the development of the BC Forest Safe Council Resource Road Light Truck Driver Training course and that are the leaders in the delivery of this course. We are also the ONLY certified company to offer this course.

The Options

BC Forest Safety Council 491 x 378.png

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) is the health and safety association (HSA) for forest harvesting, sawmills and pellet manufacturing in British Columbia.

The BCFSC works with forest sector employers, workers, unions, contractors and provincial government agencies to support industry in implementing changes necessary to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries in the forest sector.

The BCFSC was created in September 2004 as a not-for-profit society dedicated to the health and safety of forest workers.

IMPORTANT: The courses that we offer not just for forest workers but for individuals and companies who travel on resource & forest service roads.

For more information on the British Columbia Forest Safety Council please follow this link.

City & Guilds NPTC 491 x 378.png

The City & Guilds

The City & Guilds works with education providers, employers and governments in over 100 countries across the world to help people, businesses and economies grow by shaping skills systems and supporting skills development.

The City & Guilds Group is made up of City & GuildsILMKineoThe Oxford GroupDigitalme and Gen2. Together, they set the standard for professional and technical education and corporate learning and development around the world. 

The products and services they offer across the Group are globally recognised and respected.

For more information on the City & Guilds please follow this link.


Item BCFSC Rescource Road Light Truck Driver Training City & Guilds Level 2 Off Road Driver Training
Modular learning Yes Yes
Internationally recognised No Yes
Vocational certification Yes Yes
Resource road based Yes No
Off road based No Yes
Includes vehicle winching No Yes
Assessment integrated into training Yes No
Suitable for recreational users Yes Yes
Minimum Participants 6 2
Duration 2 Days 2 Days + 1/2 Day Assessment
Cost Per Participant $600 ** $500 + $250 Assessment **


** Venue and travel fees may apply. Please contact us for more information.


Resource Road - A resource road is a road that is built specifically to travel away from a paved road to access resources such as mines, logging zones, hydro lines, pipelines etc. The surface is often gravel based and presents unique challenges as seasons change. These roads are often somewhat maintained, possess very few safety features and are inherently more dangerous and remote.

Off Road - Any trail, track, route that is a none maintained surface, often with no construction to it at all. Uses natural terrain and can encompass a variety of surfaces from sand, mud, ruts, rock, shale, gravel, grass, water and so on.

4 x 4 - Any vehicle that has the ability to power or drive each it's four wheels (or more on dual axle vehicles) to give the vehicle potentially more traction. Used by a wide array of users be it from SUV's to light pick up trucks.