Non Winch Recovery Skills

Non Winch Recovery Skills (1) 491 x 491.png
Non Winch Recovery Skills (1) 491 x 491.png

Non Winch Recovery Skills


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6 Hours, 9am - 3pm


Public: Aldergrove, BC

Private: BC

Class Type

Public (?) & Private (?)


None scheduled yet.

More to come throughout the year.


Select “Your own private course” if you would prefer not to be in a group setting.

Why should you take this course

  • Learn about non winch recovery equipment.

  • Expand the techniques of using different pieces of equipment in different scenarios.

  • Have never used none winch recovery techniques.

  • Are looking to buy new equipment.

  • Want a private, more hands on, customizable course.


An off road vehicle recovery winch these days is a piece of equipment that features on almost every off road or overland vehicle. However sometimes a winch is not always enough or available.

We want to show you a variety of different methods for effecting a recovery without a winch so that you may feel confident that you a larger bag of “tools” to draw from should you require them.

Here at Overlanding BC we believe in a few core concepts that we would like to share with you so that you may be safer and get more performance and capability in your recovery situations, and some new techniques that you may have never seen or tried before. We firmly believe that this should be a hands on session so that you get the most out of it.

Some of the concepts covered

  • Equipment types & requirements.

  • Variety of equipment.

  • Basic anchors.

  • Hi Lift jack uses.

  • Traction matts.

  • Types of straps and their varied uses.

  • KERR.

  • Air Jacks.

  • Ground anchors (pull pals, pickets, buried objects etc).

  • Mechanical advantage including vectoring.


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