Multi Day Instruction Adventure

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Multi Day Instruction Adventure

from 1,250.00

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3 Days, 9am on day 1 - noon on day 3


Anywhere - we will work with you to use the best location.

Class Type

Private (?)


At the time of booking you can request any date you like and we will work with you and our availability to pick the best date for you. Contact us to check our availability.

Added Value

Be assessed for the City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Certification as part of this adventure, a $250 value per person. More IMPORTANT information below.

Why should you take this course

  • You want to experience one of British Columbia’s best multi-day adventures under the guidance of experienced professionals.

  • Feel confident and safe in attempting a more challenging adventure.

  • Want to learn about off road wilderness travel.

  • Want to learn appropriate recovery techniques both using winches and with other equipment.

  • Listen to stories of far and away adventure travels over an evening camp.

  • Learn about more in depth off road techniques, technology, equipment and ideas.

  • Learn about the local wildlife and geography.

  • Don’t want the stress of organizing a more challenging adventure.

  • Want an extremely high instructor to student ratio for the best possible learning.

  • Most importantly have fun and enjoy an amazing adventure.


This is a hugely unique and popular course that Overlanding BC is pleased to offer and we have put it all together in one simple package to make it easier for you. Over the last few years we have taken many groups on a large variety of British Columbia’s most iconic and challenging adventures. This course gives you an immersive experience into more challenging off road and wilderness travel. Our highly experienced instructors will coach, guide, teach you through the many continuous challenges these infamous trails should provide.

Spend 3 days, 2 nights with your instructors learning the intricacies of how to negotiate more challenging trails with confidence and calmness by using a range of surprisingly simple techniques.


This course would typically cost $1500, being made up of the following:

  1. Full Day Off Road Driving Techniques x 2 = $900

  2. Overnight Guiding / Instruction Surcharge x 2 = $350

  3. City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Off Road Driver Assessment Per Person x 1 = $250

Share the cost by adding a passenger or up to a total of 3 vehicles to your private adventure.

Some of the concepts covered

We have the opportunity of covering a wide range of topics and this adventure is 100% guided by you and your experiences. Our instructors will work with you to create a learning plan at meeting on day 1 and from there enjoy the trail with you, whilst ensuring you get what you want from it as well. Here are a few things that could be covered.

  • 4x4 systems

  • Vehicle geometry

  • Vehicle preparation

  • Equipment

  • Navigation

  • Driving techniques

  • Mechanical sympathy

  • Technique before technology

  • Vehicle modifications

  • Recovery equipment

  • Winches & recoveries

  • None winch recovery

  • Weather

  • Geography

  • Flora & fauna

  • Camp craft

What Is / Isn’t Included


  • All guiding & instruction

  • One City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Certification per vehicle (more purchasable here)

Not Included

  • Your fuel, food or personal supplies

  • Your camping equipment

  • Your vehicle


Please contact us before you make a booking if you have any questions regarding your vehicle and its capability for these kind of adventures, we will happily advise you.

You do not need a highly modified vehicle at all. In fact we have taken many stock vehicles through many challenging trails. It is all about good technique, approach and good understanding of your vehicle that will prevail.

City & Guilds NPTC 491 x 491.png

City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Certification

The City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Off Road Driver Training course is a hands on course based in the field and covers the safe operation of off road vehicles both recreationally and commercially.

This course is for someone who works for a commercial company that actively travels off road to access resources, to travel to remote locations or for individuals who want a very structured pre-defined learning outcome.

The course is designed to equip drivers with tools to allow them to operate safer, more efficiently and reducing wear & tear on equipment whilst giving you a tangible qualification at the end of a successful assessment.

Find out more information here.


The cost per vehicle for this Whipsaw Multi Day Instruction adventure includes one assessment per paid vehicle. Additional assessments may be purchased per extra person here.


4WDABC Members

Take advantage of our corporate sustaining membership with the Four Wheel Drive Association Of British Columbia Discount by joining here, conditions apply. Take advantage of the very best and most experienced industry instructors out there with this unique offer.

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Important Information

  • Please read our important information of guest ratios and costs per person here before you book.

  • ease review our What To Bring page for more information.