Advanced Off Road Recovery

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Advanced Off Road Recovery

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7 Hours, 9am - 4pm


Public: Aldergrove, BC

Private: BC

Class Type

Public (?) & Private (?)


Sunday June 15th, 2019

More to come throughout the year.


Select “Your own private course” if you would prefer not to be in a group setting.

Why should you take this course

  • You want to expand upon your current knowledge.

  • Experience new techniques.

  • Learn how to rig complex recoveries.

  • Delve deeper into the safe physics of equipment and recoveries.

  • Look at more advanced anchors.

  • Learn how to recover a rolled over vehicle.

  • Participate in a live command task recovery.

  • Experience brand new technology and equipment!


Off road vehicle recovery can be challenging, dangerous and complicated at times. Effecting a safe and successful recovery relies upon a multitude of skills that can take a while to learn. At Overlanding BC we want to equip you with skills, knowledge and hands on experience that will allow you to safely perform whatever recovery is necessary for you and your situation.

Our Advanced Off Road Recovery class is a culmination of a large variety of skills and learning, put together in one fun, challenging and rewarding course.

The key with our courses is that they are hands on. We believe that you should have the opportunity to actively set up and use a winch safely during our course, rather than just observe.

Command Task

The final part of this course is highly hands on, where we let you perform a pre-arranged complicated vehicle recovery. We will set the class a challenge of recovering a vehicle safely and effectively under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors.

Throughout the command task you will work together as a team to perform the rescue, and then more importantly at the end of the recovery we will group together for an in-depth learning debrief.

This is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks that we at Overlanding BC set.

Some of the concepts covered

  • Advanced equipment.

  • Splicing.

  • Physics of a recovery.

  • Advanced rigging.

  • New equipment.

  • Rollover recovery.

  • A live command task.


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Important Information

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