Overlanding BC offers you the chance to take advantage of our overlanding experience and let us guide you on some of the best overland trails in North America.

Our trail guiding offers you the opportunity to drive your vehicle on some of the countries best known and lesser known trails. Our trail guiding will take your breath away with stunning vistas, fun but challenging terrain and amazing memories.

During the overland drive we can tailor the trail guiding to your experience and needs to ensure that you bring back everyone and your vehicle in one piece. We also want to impart some information on you during the drive to help achieve these goals, but our focus is on the memory of an amazing driving experience.

Suitable For

These drives are ideal for owners of vehicles who want to experience some of our countries best trails but are:

  1. Unsure of your own experience.

  2. Want to experience these beautiful trails but have never done anything like if before.

  3. Have a new vehicle.

  4. Want to relax without the hassle of planning.

  5. Do not have the equipment necessary to complete such a drive.

  6. Discover new trails.

What is included:

  1. A full guiding service.

  2. Safety training.

  3. Driving instruction.

  4. Recovery equipment.


  1. Full or multi day drives.

  2. Bespoke lunches & snacks.

  3. Custom destinations.

Sample Program Content:

  1. Safety Training.

  2. Preparation.

  3. Driving Techniques.

  4. Vehicle Recovery.

  5. Route Navigation.

  6. Marshalling.