Off road vehicle recovery can be an integral part of overland and off road travel. Recovering vehicles from their predicaments can both be fun and exciting, but also can be highly dangerous if not thought out and performed carefully.

Overlanding BC can help you understand and learn some new techniques, the physics involved, improve on your current skills, make your techniques safer and allow you to think and act smart. We believe in a core set of competencies that will be the foundation for good, safe and efficient vehicle recovery.

We believe that there are many ways of doing things and your experiences no matter how small are all valuable. Let us help you.

Sample Program Contents:

  1. Basic recovery equipment.

  2. Recovery assessments.

  3. Safe recovery operations.

  4. How to operate safely.

  5. Winch operation.

  6. Non winch recoveries.

  7. Communication.

Are you?

  1. New to overland travel and want to learn some basics.

  2. An experienced off road adventurer?

  3. A commercial guiding operation?

  4. A guide outfitter?

  5. Government or commercial agencies.

  6. Recovery gear manufacturer or supplier.