Overlanding BC has been at the forefront of off road driving in the Pacific Northwest for many years now. We are passionate advocates of overland travel and back those real world experiences up with true unique industry experience.

Our instructors work professionally teaching off road driving to a variety of clients from recreational users, professional service vehicle users, commercial operators, professional guiding outfits through to auto manufactures across North America.

It is through these experiences that we are able to provide you with excellent off road driving skills that incorporate a breadth of topics that will prepare you for the most rugged of environments. It is not always about just driving. We want to impart a variety of information that will help you operate safely, using an expeditions style of driving that will help preserve life, your equipment and your vehicles. Our programs will help build on your current skill set and expand your current skills to half you walk away a maturer and more experienced operator.

Sample program contents:

  1. Safety Training.

  2. Trip Planning.

  3. Vehicle Outfitting.

  4. Preparation.

  5. Driving Techniques.

  6. Vehicle Recovery.

  7. Route Navigation.

  8. Marshalling.

  9. Field Mechanics.

Are you?

  1. A novice recreational driver.

  2. An advanced recreational driver.

  3. A commercial guide.

  4. A professional service vehicle operator.

  5. A commercial operator.

  6. Preparing to go on a trip.

  7. Want to learn more about off road driving.

  8. Want to experience some terrain you were nervous about.

  9. Learn more about your vehicle.