Our instructors at Overlanding BC are driving professionals who have vast experience in the full breadth of driving experiences, conditions and vehicle types. We specialize in a variety of driving programs to suite your needs. Our local terrain is breath taking and we are able to utilize much of that. We are also able to travel and do so continuously to specific custom destinations, to help you in the production of your event. We have the experience and contacts to use existing terrain and a wide variety of facilities and are also able to draw upon resources to construct a custom driving program trail, course or arena for you.

Sample Programs:

  1. Consumer ride and drive events.

  2. Vehicle demonstrations.

  3. New vehicle owner informations sessions.

  4. Film and stills shoot drivers.

Are You?

  1. A vehicle manufacturer.

  2. An event organiser or specialist.

  3. A drive experience organizer.

  4. A still or moving film producer.

  5. A stunt organisation.


Due to the complex nature of special driving programs, we encourage you to contact us directly via phone or by completing the form below so that we get a better sense of what you need and can help create or expedite the correct program for your requirements.

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