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How to use the Academy

 10 minutes

Use this quick and straight forward course to help guide you through all of your future courses.

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Off road trail mechanics

Trail mechanics

Learn some skills, knowledge and quick fixes in case of a mechanical issue with your vehicle.

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$5 CAD
Off Grid Trailers Action

Off road trailer safety

 1 hour

Learn the basics of how to use your off road adventure trailer safely.

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AdventureSmart Colour

AdventureSmart Survive Outside

 1.5 Hours

This fun course equips you with some essential safety skills for travelling into the wilderness.

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Off road first aid

First aid for off road travel

Look after yourself in an emergency, take this hands on off road based first aid course.

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Off road navigation

How to navigate off road

Learn about the interesting and diverse world of off road navigation.

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Off road communication

How to communicate off road

There are many tools to communicate effectively off road, learn which are the best for you.

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