BC Forest Safety Council – SAFE Certification

BC Forest Safety Council – SAFE Certification

It is great pride that we are pleased to announce that Overlanding BC has exceeded the audit criteria to become BC Forest Safety Council SAFE certified.

What does this mean?

This means that Overlanding BC has been recognized and certified by the BC Forest Safety Council to be a company that operates at a high level of safety in the forest environment and community.

For you

This means that we are a company that is passionate and committed to both worker and client safety. It also means that we operate under a detailed set of health and safety practises to ensure that everyone involved in the operation of Overlanding BC has adequate training, support and guidance in their every day roles at Overlanding BC.

As a client

This means that you are in the very best hands at all times. You can now rest assured that all of our staff are both qualified and equipped with tools to give you the best learning possible in the safest possible ways.

What does it involve?

Becoming SAFE certified requires a several month long audit of the company and all it’s function, focusing particularly on occupational health and safety. All of our procedural paperwork, our safety mechanisms, training and equipment. This audit is conducted yearly and includes areas of improvement through a feedback and further training system in coordination with the BC Forest Safety Council.

More Information

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