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A Coast Mountain Trail

Sep 14, 2016

There are some amazing trails in the Pacific Northwest and we are very lucky to have so much variety. Part of the fun for me is exploring new places and finding new routes and trails. The joy is in the search, usually online first but often inspired by photos, conversations, hints, tips, hiking, back country travel and overland travel itself.

Being able to travel and explore with clients, colleagues and friends in this wonderful world is pretty special. Sharing life experiences, especially when exploration is involved is very rewarding to me. It can be work or it can be recreation, either way, the creation of new memories and new places explored always drives me to explore more.

Here we have a fairly local trail to me that epitomizes what we have. A beautiful sub alpine forest ascent through old mining country, up into old growth trees ending in the alpine zone. It doesn’t get any better – a crisp fall day, amazing company, a day off, a steep but straight forward trail, many laughs and even better views.