Overlanding BC is now offering fully paid members of the Four Wheel Drive Association Of British Columbia a 10% discount on all of our training. We wanted to offer the members a discount to give more affordable access to our professional overland training services and access to our experienced professional industry instructors.

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(To be applied at the checkout)

 Overlanding BC offers a wide range of training options, and not limited to:

  1. Beginner off road techniques.

  2. Advanced off road driving techniques.

  3. Winch recovery, basic to advanced.

  4. None winch recovery techniques.

  5. Ladies only training & trail drives.

  6. Overland adventure trips.

  7. Overland preparation.

  8. Navigation.

  9. Spotting / marshalling.

  10. Spotting / marshalling for ladies or couples.

  11. Custom courses.

  12. Trail drives.

  13. Vehicle familiarization.

And much more. Find out more about what we offer.


To take advantage of this the following criteria must be met:

  • The driver(s) of each vehicle must be fully paid members of the association at time of booking and the training day / trail day.

  • A minimum purchase of $90 must be met.

  • Memberships are none transferable.

  • Full terms & conditions apply.


PLEASE NOTE: Overlanding BC retains the right to refuse a discount if a booking is deemed to be fraudulent or misrepresenting the participants of the booked course.


For more information on becoming a member of the association please go to the Four Wheel Drive Association Of British Columbia's website.

Overlanding BC retains the right to add or alter these conditions and the discount level with no prior warning.